Meet the team

Executive Marketing



Marvin Neoh
Management Information Systems

Marvin is in his last year of studies at the University of Alberta. He majors in
Management Information Systems and minors in Philosophy. He believes that people
should never limit themselves and should always look for ways to learn and grow. The desire to help, seconded by personal growth is the reason why he joined Emp Fest. When possible, he likes to seek out new things and experiences to prevent losing out on opportunities to have fun or to learn! He always tries to keep an open mind. Outside the professional environment, Marvin is an animal and nature lover with cats and aquariums. He likes to take walks with friends around William Hawrelak Park whenever the weather permits.


Thien Nguyen
VP Marketing
Sociology and Economics

Majoring in Sociology and Economics at the University of Alberta, Thien Nguyen is a
marketing enthusiast who has recently completed a Communications and Marketing at The Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta. In addition, she is also an active Co-op student seeking any career experience to build her professional and personal
development, as well as her career goals. A strong believer in extracurricular activities, she believes that experiences and meaningful connections can really build one’s values, personal skills, and relationships to better one’s future. Through EMP FEST, Thien hopes not only to build her personal development and skill set but to help others succeed both personally and professionally through the countless opportunities EMP FEST has to offer! If not found studying her life away or at the campus gym, Thien is always on the go, dancing her way across the globe attending music festivals.


Xiaoyu Jin
VP Events
Food Science

Xiaoyu is a fourth year Food Science undergraduate student and a second year Peter
Lougheed Leadership College scholar. She believes that career development is a long-term process which will be shaped by unplanned events and encounters. In the past few years, Xiaoyu has received lots of helps from her mentors, colleagues, and friends regarding her career development, so she joined the EMP FEST to contribute back to the community in hopes of creating more opportunities for UofA students to connect with professionals and learn important career-related skills. She is very excited about the Career Confessions because she is sure that many students will be inspired by the non-traditional career paths of the speakers.

Fun fact about Xiaoyu: Xiaoyu loves to travel alone, and she has traveled to 4 countries by herself!


Tobi Obatusin,
VP External

Tobi is a second-year pharmacy student at the U of A. She moved to Edmonton in 2018 after her first degree at Mount Royal University. She has worked in the past with low income and underserved communities and finds fulfillment in helping people. She enjoys meeting people in her free time, hearing their stories, and making connections with them. Through EMP FEST, Tobi hopes to help people find their career path and alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with “what happens after graduation”. She hopes that through EMP FEST, students are better equipped with the skills that they need to succeed in the workplace. Tobi is very excited for the
opportunity to be a part of something so meaningful to the student body.


Chia-Yi (Angela) Li
VP Finance

Angela is a first-year student in Medical Laboratory Science with two-years study in
neuroscience for undergraduate education at the University of Alberta. She has been an executive member of MusicBox Children’s Charity, University of Alberta Branch as VP Finance with concrete music knowledge in both theory and performance since the beginning of 2018. When she isn’t studying for classes or looking over the budgets, she enjoys playing table tennis at the student club in U of Alberta and playing board games at Hexagon on Whyte Ave with couple of friends. She has previously participated in two researches and during the experience gained an
insight in the importance of bridging between academia and jobs. After then she decided to join the Green and Gold Grant admission committee as Dean of Students’ Undergraduate Student Appointee and EMP Fest as VP Finance since September 2019. She can be contacted at


Grace Vuong
VP Internal

Grace is currently in her third year in the faculty of arts pursing a degree in Economics . She is actively in search for anything that can aid in personal growth and career development. While in search of a career that best suits her, she would like to assist others in this exciting journey in the meantime. Being a part of the EMP FEST team will allow her to do both of those! Other than school, work, and student groups, Grace enjoys attending EDM concerts and eating delicious food with friends.

Marketing Directors


Yasmine Abdel Razek
Director of Marketing

Yasmine is in her fourth year of the honors Psychology program under the Faculty of Arts. She is also an undergraduate researcher that focuses on creativity, as art has always been a part of her life. Another one of Yasmine’s interests is human behavior, and she believes that an important behavior is stepping out of your comfort zone. In order to achieve meaningful success, Yasmine believes that stepping out of your comfort zone is essential. However, she is aware that many people may be hesitant to do so, and their hesitation serves as one of the main reasons she joined Empfest. Yasmine wanted to be a part of something that teaches others how to confidently escape their comfort zone while at the same time teaching them different ways of achieving their goals and aspirations. Due to her experience working in other
social media related positions in the past, she also wanted to be a Social Media Director for EMP FEST.

When Yasmine isn’t swamped in schoolwork, she likes to draw and cuddle her dog.


Nairish Momin
Director of Marketing

Nairish is currently in her second year in the faculty of arts and has a diploma in business administration. At the moment, she is working towards her degree in economics. To shape her career, Nairish is focusing on advancing her business skills and her knowledge on economics. She is also centered on her educational goals to pursue opportunities on campus that can enlighten more knowledge. Nairish is very involved with volunteer events on campus like working with faculty of arts, campus UNICEF and she always tries to give back to the community. She has joined the EMP FEST to help in her personal growth and boost her opportunities for her career. Another reason she joined EMP FEST is that she is willing to help other students to build a meaningful experience during their degree.


Shawn Nelson Sydia
Web Developer
Computing Science

Originally hailing from small town Alberta, Shawn had set out in life to make a difference. After taking his first introductory computing science class on a whim, he immediately fell in love with the world of computing science. From the most complex algorithms to the simplest data structures, there was nothing that didn’t excite him. With a particular interest in software engineering, Shawn hopes to learn about the world of artificial intelligence, cryptography, and parallel computing. From joining the EMP FEST team, Shawn hopes to further develop his skills in the field of web development, and more importantly, meet connections which will help him to gain entry into the professional workforce as a computing scientist. For his career aspirations, his mission is simple: “make the world a better place, one function(); at a time”. Apart from programming, Shawn enjoys mountain biking, playing guitar, writing music, and reading about anything scientific. And, he never misses the opportunity to play a game of dodgeball!

Also, feel free to check out Shawn’s personal web page!


Hemali Boorada
Director of External Relations
Poltical Science

Hemali is currently in her four year in the faculty of arts with a major in Political Science, in hopes to become a Lawyer. Along with school she is a professional dancer, you can often find her on tour in the summers. In her free time she volunteers to teach dance lessons as well as volunteering at the ECLC. She often helps organize fundraisers for the Stollery Childrens hospital and ECPAT. Building resumes and learning to market yourself as a professional can be a feat in itself. Through EMPfest she wants to help students learn to build their professional profiles and gain key skills to help with employment. Other than school, work, and dancing Hemali enjoys binge watching new shows in Netflix and travelling whenever a break hits!