Main Events


Career Branding and Networking your way to Success

by Stacey Sayler and Morgen Wells

Jan 22, 2020    |    CCIS 1-160

4pm to 5:20pm
Type: Presentation and Panel Discussion

Did you know that 85% of job seekers found employment opportunities through people they know?

Attending this workshop will teach you how to build your network and career brand, and how to initiate, lead, and exit conversations at any event. We’ll share valuable tips for success and offer helpful insight into the purpose and format of networking events. Join us and learn how to brand and network your way to success!

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Break into Tech Without a Tech Background

by StartUp Edmonton

Jan 22, 2020    |    CCIS 1-160

5:30pm to 7pm
Type: Panel Discussion

Connect with Edmonton’s most exciting tech companies and learn more about opportunities to apply your education in lots of different ways in the startup community.

Meet our panelists, learn more about tech in Edmonton, and join a growing startup community!

Understanding Work Culture in a Canadian Context

by Gavin Palmer

Jan 23, 2020    |    ECHA 2-420

4pm to 6pm
Type: Presentation

As our Edmonotonian employment landscape hires increasingly more international resources, a student looking to break into this market would benefit in understanding that the way we communicate is not always the way we are expected to communicate. What do soft skills look like interculturally, and how do we navigate relationships when we don’t agree. This workshop will help you to explore your own tendencies and to contrast them with those from around the world. We will discuss how you might disagree with someone, while still maintaining the relationship. We will discuss perception and how our interactions might, or might not, be read by others. All perspectives are welcome, as they will help to highlight the diversity within which we all interact.

Microsoft: Rock your job search and build your brand 

by Microsoft

Jan 23, 2020    |    ECHA 2-420

6pm to 7pm
Type: Workshop

From resume tips and tricks to LinkedIn profile building, this free two-hour workshop is designed to support you getting hired.  Get the latest job search skills, grow your network, and build your brand with LinkedIn, an online network of professionals and a primary digital platform to find new opportunities

Public Speaking 101

by Samrah Burney

Jan 23, 2020    |    ECHA 2-420

7pm to 8pm
Type: Workshop

Our workshop will give students an opportunity to learn more about public speaking, including the technicalities of public speaking as well as the importance of developing the skill of owning the stage. There will be several opportunities throughout the workshop for students to practice their public speaking and ask any questions they may have.

Your Rights as an Employee

by the Edmonton Community Legal Centre

Jan 24, 2020    |    CCIS 1-160

4pm to 6pm
Type: Presentation

This presentation informs students of the relevant laws and rights in employment areas such as unions, workplace safety, and standards expected from employers. This presentation will end with a Q&A session with a volunteer lawyer.

Career Confessions


Jan 24, 2020    |    CCIS 1-160

6pm to 9pm
Type: Pecha Kucha presentation and Panel discussion

Have you ever seen a super interesting job and wondered what would it take to get there? EMP FEST has invited 5 professional to come talk about the different paths they have taken to get to where they are now. Career Confession aims to expose students to career paths that are not usually associated with their degree. Come join us with our Chit Chat style presentation and panel discussion!