EMP FEST is an interdisciplinary Employment Festival held at the University of Alberta. It contains over 25 diverse professional and career development events within 5 days which are hosted by student groups, internal, and external organizations. This is a festival for students, hosted by students, in order to define our career paths and explore the diversity of employment.  

Our Aim

The goal of EMP FEST is to address the disconnect between students and employment. It seems that over the past few years, more and more students have become increasingly concerned about the usefulness of their degrees. Through EMP FEST, we help by providing the tools and resources needed to improve their career prospects. There are a multitude of events/sessions/workshops/etc. that will give students the opportunity to develop their careers.

The goal of this week-long festival is to compress employment activities into a few days, in order to make them more visible, giving students the opportunity to attend these events and define their own path.

There are 5 pillars that the festival is centered on, they are:

  • To showcase the diversity of employment
  • To help students define a career path post post-secondary education
  • To ensure students are aware of the resources available to help them find employment
  • To provide students access to professionals in a diverse range of fields
  • To highlight the versatility of skills learned and how they can apply to other career fields


EMP FEST hopes to target students in three general demographics: those in the early, middle, and late stages of career development. For those early in development, EMP FEST aims to help students find direction and decide their career path. For those in the middle, EMP FEST will help students manage workplace expectations, and fine-tune their marketable skills. For students in the late stage, EMP FEST aims to connect students with employers and professionals to help them as they begin to kick off their career.

Stages of Career Development

EMP FEST recognizes that a student’s degree does not necessarily correlate with their preparedness for the working world. Keeping in mind whether there are students returning after years of work experience or those that are unsure about what they hope to do post-graduation, EMP FEST is organized to benefit students based on their stage of career development.

Early Career Development: Students in the early career development stage are those who have not yet decided which career path they want to take. Like university, life has many different options. For students in this stage, EMP FEST will provide programming to showcase the diversity of the employment scene and the versatility of skills which students can learn, to help them define their career path.

Middle Career Development: Students in the middle career development stage are those who have decided the direction they plan to take, and are focused on building the skills necessary to achieve their goals and find employment. For students in this stage, EMP FEST will provide the tools and resources students need to help build the skills they want.

Late Career Development: Students in the late stage of their career development are those who have already decided on the career path they plan to pursue, as well as spent time building the skills necessary to help them find employment. For students in this stage, EMP FEST will provide programming that connects them with industry professionals in order to build connections that may lead to employment.

Identify with more than one of these? That’s great! EMP FEST has been organized to be both interdisciplinary and accessible to students in any stage of their career development!